Carlisle 2014 Picture Thread

Figured I'd get this thing going since no one has started a thread yet. Post up your pictures here!











And once more, it was awesome.

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Carlisle 2015

Here are the plans for Carlisle 2015:


It is never too early to plan for Carlisle!
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I Was Supposed To Go To Carlisle!

Well, last week I was prepping for Carlyle. Just finished adding the k24 and a custom rip. 267621CC-9347-4B96-8202-6648389E37B4.jpg
She was looking good! Took her out on a 10 minute drive and the turbo oil feed line burst, causing total oil a mile I lost all my oil before realizing something was wrong. My motor seized...
The small hose I used to make my feed line failed. Boy was I ticked after hours of work! But I should've known better; oh well there's that 01 t5a at the local Lkq...
Last Saturday we went and grabbed it!
After 5 hours to pull it, 2 more to clean it I had the new heart ready!
After another 10 hours the new motor is prepped (new tbelt etc and rms), the stuck motor is ready to be pulled!


I missed Carlisle this year but hopefully I'll be able to swing it next year!
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DC/MD/VA to Carlisle caravan?

I see a few guys rolling up from this area, I'm guessing friday.

I know We're probably the most south, so who in the DC/MD area is caravaning up decently early friday?

its WAAAAYYYY more fun in groups
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Caravan To Carlisle From Boston, Sat Morning?

Hi all. I know their are all ready a few threads on this topic but nothing pertaining to a saterday morning convoy.

Me and the girlfriend are leaving Boston (just south of Boston actually, Norwood) early in the morning. Probably around 5am. The plan is to get down to Carlisle before noon.

If anyone is leavin around the same time and area it would be cool if we could all travel together. I know a few of you are local (Tom).

Anyway, if I'm the only local making the trip Sat morning no big deal. Ill see you all Sat and we plan to be camping that night.

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Carlisle convoy south down I-81

I'll be driving down to Carlisle by getting on I-81 north of Watertown headed south, heading for the big Perkins Harrisburg meet up. Convoying is a big fun part of Carlisle so I thought I'd ask around and see who else would be going the same way, maybe I can plan my gas stops strategically to pick up accomplices.
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Philly Caravan to Carlisle

It's that time again! We'll meet at the South Philly IKEA by 10am as usual on Friday the 16th and shove off as soon as everyone is ready. We'll head to the Perkins in Harrisburg from IKEA to meet up with the other caravans and grab some lunch, then drive en mass to Carlisle!

Just as before, a fair amount of us will have CB radios because they're fun as hell. I'll also bring some 14 channel walkie talkies to use. I know that not everyone has ezpass, so I'm not worried about that. There aren't many tolls along the way, anyway.

Here is the address for IKEA:
2206 S Christopher Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19148

Here is the address for Perkins:
7833 Linglestown Rd, Harrisburg, PA 17112

So who's in?! And who's stoked for this year?!

1. Me!
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Nj/pa Caravan To Carlisle 2014

NoVa has their thread started, not sure if there is a thread yet for the NJ/PA guys or not, so I figured I'd start up a thread for everyone to get organized.


If anyone has plans already, post it up here! I'm planning to meet up with Matt (Simply Volvo) the morning of Friday the 16th and then get on 76 and take that all the way over.


Post up where you're coming from. I'm thinking the Valley Forge rest stop is a good place to meet up, but express your ideas.


BTW here's a countdown for everyone as excited as me lol:

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Nova To Carlisle Caravan ’14

This is the 3rd Annual NoVa to Carlisle Caravan! Friday May 16th!  :)


To help lead the celebration we have a special guest! Our first ever Grand Marshall and winner to the long distance driver award- Gary (Yellow95)!  



The route we always do is 495-270-15-94-34, we stop to meet other folks again north of Frederick, MD at the 7-11 on Rt. 15 (11108 Angleberger Road, Thurmont, MD) it's about 10-15min north of Fredrick. Don't ask to change anything, I won't! ;) Please be fueled up ready to go from either locations, PM me if you want to meet in Va. 


We should leave my place near in Vienna, by Tyson Corner, Va by noon and get to Thurmont, Md by 1:30pm. It takes little over an hour to get there, plus traffic plus a loaded down with beer 244 Brickerator.  :wub:


We should leave Thurmont by 2pm at the latest... And get to Carlisle around 3-4pm?? I say this like it's set in stone but we are always running late. Anyone want to take bets on who is the culpret this year?  :rolleyes:


Anyone interested? Anyone that is passing thru DC? Post up if you want to go! The more the merrier. I love Friday @Carlisle!

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Mwc Carlisle Caravan Thread

Figured I'd organize this. List where you're coming from so we can plan to meet up!

I'm coming from Cleveland.
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