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Ard Tuning Carlisle 2013

So I’m finalizing plans and looking at viability to attend Carlisle again this year. I’m balancing the amount of folks we can help vs. the progress I can make on some bigger projects here…
So those who are wanting to commit to tuning or re-tun… Continue reading

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Philly-Carlisle Caravan Thread 2013-Year of Swedes!!

Here it is! Meeting at the South Philly Ikea at 9:00am, leaving at 10:00am for the whateveritscalled truck stop on 287 in Harrisburg. We roll in with ALL THE VOLVOS after truck stop lunch and inevitably, repairs. (Jen.)

So who’s in?

1. Pete/FlyingTog/’97 965R
2. Jen/XxJenoxX/Whatever is… Continue reading

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Carlisle Import & Kit Nationals 2013!

It’s go time, bitches!

Who’s coming, what are you driving, what are you bringing, who are you bringing, what convoy are you with?

Time to start some convoy threads, too. If you start a convoy thread, PM me and I’ll put a link to it in here so that people can join in more easily.

Jay and… Continue reading

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