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I’m hosting a ___party at Carlisle;

:cheers:*Saturday night;* at my camp spaces 6pm I will be hosting a meet and greet and I’m gona be grilling Kabobs with chicken, beef, and vegetables, pineapple, peppers, mushrooms, onion. Shrimp sounds good too..

I don’t really know many of you TB’ers that well and I want to know everyone… Continue reading

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Brickerator @ Carlisle 2012 (Requesting Your Assistance!)

OK folks… Last year, this was a hit (when is beer not a hit?), and I’m glad! This year, with the Brickerator not being a secret, I’d like to solicit some assistance in getting it ready. I’ve got most of what I need, but in the tradition of one-upping… Continue reading

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Mwc Carlisle Rollcall- 2012

Its only 3 months away and thought it would be a good time to start the Official Carlisle thread.

Meet Ups
- The boys from IN, IL and WI will meet at the Cabella’s right off the 80/94 xpressway that everyone should know by now, its right off the eastb… Continue reading

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Philly Area Carlisle Caravan Thread

I think it’s time.

Leaving from the South Philly Ikea, just like last year. We’ll meet in the West side parking lot. Trying to leave a bit earlier this time. Roll out of Ikea by 11am at the latest. Maybe even earlier than that.

I do want to meet up with the Northern crew at the Perkins truck… Continue reading

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